Company ADONIA
CEO Name Na Hun Gyu
Telephone ☎ +82-42-283-3115
Fax ☎ +82-42-283-3116
Address , 2F, 637, Sintanjin-ro, Daedeok-gu, Daejeon
Selling Category [K_320204070000] Weight Lifting




- Business vision for ADONIA: to develop new area of exercising equipment
- Manufacture and supply unique exercising equipment with differentiated exercise program.
- Increase exposure and upgrade image of the company by developing the programs and maximize profit opportunity through selling the programs.

ADONIA has been making efforts to complete the commercialization of the patented equipment for correcting vertebral posture and managing abdominal fat, for which discussion is under way for contract with Asahi TV Japan. The product is expected to bring a new wave to the market in the area of vertebral exercising equipment for exercises to reduce abdominal fats with an opportunity for maximized sales.. This product is selected as an item for commercialization of idea by the government, and is under stable progress to finalize in preparation for forthcoming launch.

Also, the company is developing a unique, multi-functional exercising equipment to perform simultaneous exercises for adductor, sphincter, and hip-up under the government's support. This equipment is expected to be effective in correcting the bent legs through exercises of adductor, sphincter and pelvis and for children's physical growth, as well as correcting the posture.

ADONIA is making its utmost efforts for vitalizing the relatively underdeveloped domestic exercising market and expanding the capability of products of Korea in the global market, through which it wishes to help regional society and strengthening the national competitiveness.